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The driving force behind Drashta Capital


Drashta Capital

Drashta Capital offers a complete managed investment solution in the form of a dynamic portfolio of “best of breed” global money managers. Each manager demonstrates a distinctive edge, enabling them to outperform across market cycles.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for investors to source, analyse and oversee their managed investments on an ongoing basis. Drashta manages this entire process, leveraging our strategic partnerships and global network to help our investors achieve and exceed their investment objectives.

Founded in 2011, our mission is to provide our investors with one of the most robust managed investment offerings globally and in the process, maximising our ability to have a positive impact in the world.

The word Drashta, originating from Sanskrit, means “self-awareness” and is also translated as the “observer” or “seer”. Drashta represents the ability to look upon the world objectively, without an emotional bias. As one of our guiding principles, its virtue is reflected in our ability to source, thoroughly analyse, then decisively act upon high potential investment opportunities aligned with our values.