Strategic partnerships to unlock potential and add value


Drashta Capital Partners

As a firm built on trust and integrity, we have experienced firsthand the value of strategic partnerships. We have had the privilege of working alongside individuals and organisations who share our vision and have consequently grown to become what we are today. In many cases however, these partnerships would never have come to be had it not been for an introduction from someone who believed in and had experienced our ability to deliver results.

We are always open to exploring ways in which we can add value to like-minded individuals or organizations with aligned values.

We are particularly interested in connecting with:

• High net worth individuals, hedge funds, family offices and other institutions seeking investment solutions.
• Hedge funds, family offices, brokers and other institutions interested in offering complete investment solutions to their clients.
• Established traders, trading teams, systems, managed account services or funds with profitable and verifiable track records of at least 12 months.
• Emerging traders or systems showing strong potential as well as profitable and verifiable track records of at least 6 months.

Please contact us to explore how we can cultivate win-win scenarios as a strategic partner of Drashta Capital.